Lego Educational Toys Premium Kids City Advent Legos Calendar Set

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– Get young kids interested by participating yourself.
The research above suggests that kids get more from block play when someone demonstrates how to build with them.

– Stimulate pretend play with character toys and other accessories.
The experiment on language skills involved giving kids blocks and as it should be-scaled accessory toys, like people and cars. Such toys give kids ideas for construction projects (e.g., a barn for a toy cow) and encourage pretend play.

– Combine block play with story-time.
Researcher Janie Heisner used toy blocks and block- accessories to illustrate parts of the stories she read to kids in a preschool (Heisner 2005). After each story, the kids were given access to the props. This tactic looked as if it would increase pretend play. It also gave kids ideas for things to build.

– Challenge kids with specific building tasks.
Free-wheeling block play is important. But as I give an explanation for here, it's likely that kids also reap special benefits from trying to match a structure to a template. To get things started, suggest one of those structure to build. You'll use pictures and diagrams to inspire or guide a construction project. For older kids, take a look at Carol Johmann's excellent book, Bridges: Amazing Structures to Design, Build & Test (Kaleidoscope Kids) and the Equilibrio Game.

– Encourage cooperative building projects.
As noted above, cooperative building can help kids forge better social skills (Roseth et al 2008).

– Understand that fantasy is a valuable aspect of play
Construction play seems so obviously mechanical, it's easy to think only of the development of practical engineering skills and put out of your mind the importance of mind-bending fantasy.
WHY LEGO? IT HAS SO MANY EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS! Not only does lego blocks help develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills, spatial, math & language skills, it also builds creativity, divergent problem-solving skills & confidence.
LEGO IS BUILT TO LAST! It is durable which last through generations! A recent pilot study suggests that first graders who engage in daily construction activities can boost their mathematics ability, spatial reasoning, and executive regulate. Studies of teens and adolescents link construction play with superior performance on tests of spatial skills and mathematics (Oostermeijer et al 2014; Richardson et al 2014).
TIPS: GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LEGO TOY BLOCKS. – Stimulate pretend play with character toys and other accessories.
– Combine block play with story-time.
– Challenge kids with specific building tasks.
– Encourage cooperative building projects.
– Take into account that fantasy is a valuable aspect of play.
WHAT'S IN THE PACK? Contains 24 different LEGO items including buildings, vehicles, seasonal items and 6 minifigures,(snowboarder kid, Grandma, 2 Coast guard members, jungle Explorer and Santa).
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 10.3 x 2.8 x 15 inches

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