LEGO Star Wars VIII First Order Star Destroyer 75190 Building Kit (1416 Piece)

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Embark on galactic Star Wars: Episode VIII adventures with the First Order Star Destroyer. This massive model features armor-like panels on the outdoor, transparent-element engine detailing on the back and 8 side-facing stud shooters. Open out the highest panels to show the detailed interior, featuring a working elevator leading to Snoke's command center with a seat and mini hologram figure, bridge with seating for the crew, conference area with buildable medical droid and BB-9E droid, and a passageway leading to a detailed regulate room. There may be even a carry take care of to take the play action into hyperspeed! This stellar set includes 5 minifigures and 2 droids.
Open-out top panels reveal a detailed interior, including a working elevator to Snoke's chamber with a mini hologram figure, bridge with seating for crew, and passageway leading to the regulate room
Includes 5 minifigures: Supreme Leader Snoke, First Order Officer, First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant, First Order Stormtrooper and First Order Travel Pilot, BB-9E and buildable Medical Droid figures
Weapons include 2 blasters and 2 blaster pistols
Lift the elevator and seat Snoke in his chamber
Measures over 5in (14cm) high, 22in (56cm) long and 12in (32cm) wide

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